“I would like you to know how indebted I feel to you and your colleagues. The thoroughness and professionalism you showed over this period together with the humanity with which you engaged with me made an important contribution to my ability to cope. Thank you so much.”

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R -v- H

We defended a twelve year old boy who was charged with the murder of his six month old baby brother by repeated stabbing. The case attracted national and international publicity. The case was effectively the first of its kind since the Judgment given in the case of T and V -v- United Kingdom (the Bulger case). Human rights and mental health issues of the utmost difficulty were involved. We were commended for our case preparation by the trial Judge, the distinguished adolescent psychiatrist Dr Susan Bailey and by our QC, Baroness Helena Kennedy.

R v B

Represented a woman charged with murder following the discovery of a man’s body in a shed in the garden of the house she occupied with her partner. The case attracted widespread publicity. We successfully agreed with the prosecution that our client should admit an offence of assault and false imprisonment.

R v B

Represented a woman charged with murder following the brutal killing of a Polish man in a squat. Our client was completely acquitted at trial.

R v W

Represented a young man charged with murder following the fatal stabbing of another teenager. Our client acquitted of murder at trial.

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