The best firm ever. I request Sansbury Douglas everytime I end up in police station and they always provide good advice and a friendly reassuring profesional service for free. They go the full nine yards, standing by you all the way through the court process. They get all the details, making sure the bigger picture…

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General Crime

The vast majority of the cases we deal with are concluded relatively quickly – they either begin or end in the Police Station with matters being cautioned or charges refused: if a person is charged with an offence, they are usually dealt with relatively speedily in the summary jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.  Simply because these cases are dealt with quickly does not mean that they do not receive our full attention.

In the Police Station we have a dedicated team of experienced and capable accredited advisors, available 24/7, 365 days of the year, to respond whenever a person is arrested for any criminal offence.

The fact that we have a large team of advisors means that we can respond quickly so that clients are not kept in custody for any longer than is necessary. Advice and assistance at the Police Station is completely free of charge and is non-means tested.

Once a matter has proceeded to the Magistrates Court, it is handled by one of our able and experienced Magistrates Court Advocacy Team, led by Partner Peter Richardson.

In the Crown Court, we will prepare and present your case with care and skill – our team of in-house advocates led by Partner, Katie Jenkins, who will ensure that your case is presented in the best possible light.

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